FOR LEASE: FABRIKA Shopping and Entertainment Center

18, Zalaegerseg St., Kherson

The city’s first professional shopping center of the regional type. The unique project by its scale and range of services, not just in Kherson region but also in Mykolaiv, is located close to the important highway and the main transit way to the Crimea. The shopping center trade zone area covers a huge territory (over 1 million people live in the centre’s surrounding zone).



  • Gross building area: 80,000 sq.m
  • Gross leasable area: 65,000 sq.m
  • Grocery hypermarket Silpo: 10,000 sq.m
  • Shopping gallery: 18,400 sq.m
  • Entertainment zone: 8 cinema halls, indoor karting, ice rink, roller rink, bowling, kid's entertainment center, internet- club
  • Fitness-club Sport Life: 3,900 sq.m
  • Consumer electronics supermarket Comfy: 2,200 sq.m
  • DIY hypermarket: 10,000 sq.m
  • Surface parking for 2, 500 cars
  • Delivery: I stage -  March, 2012; II stage - September, 2012; III stage - Q4, 2012.

FOR LEASE: LUBAVA Shopping and Entertainment Center

208, Shevchenko Ave., Cherkasy

Lubava is the largest shopping centre in Cherkasy, conceptually new place for the shopping and entertainment. Lubava is located in the city’s center which is the main trade zone in the region. Lubava was named the best project of the year in the “regional” rank according to the “Mall Expo 2010”, the international exhibition.


  • Gross building area: 26,000 sq.m
  • Gross leasable area: 18,000 sq.m.
  • Food supermarket: 2,500 sq.m
  • Storeys: 4
  • Shopping gallery: 80 stores
  • Entertainment zone: 5 cinema halls, bowling, disco-club, kid's entertainment center, shooting center, restaurant.
  • Parking for 250 cars
  • Delivery: 2012

Panorama Shopping Center was opened in 2006 and gained its popularity among the residents of Odessa in a very short period of time. Here your attention will be attracted by blazing architectural look of the building; cozy interior will create some special mood; and as for goods and services offers – they will make Panorama an essential place for you to shop and take a rest.
Being well located on the transportation hub Panorama is accessible from any part of the city. Spacious parking is one more advantage to visit the shopping center by your car.

The shopping center is arranged in three levels where more than 60 stores are situated. In addition to brand boutiques here you will find cafe, pizza restaurant, VAB Bank, currency exchange office, beauty salon, pharmacy, dry cleaner and car wash. The retail spaces extension and attraction of new brand stores is scheduled to complete in 2013.

  • Gross building area: 23,200 sq.m
  • Gross leasable area: 17,000 sq.m
  • Anchor tenants: Tavriya supermarket and Technopolis electronics store
  • Shopping gallery: over 60
  • Storeys: 3
  • Parking: 186 cars
  • Delivery after extension: 2013

FOR LEASE: Yessa Shopping and Entertainment Center

Dobrovolskiy Ave., Odesa

New shopping center will be located in the center of densely-populated district at Dobrovolskiy
avenue, at the intersection of two district routes that ensures easy access and excellent visibility. “Community” format shopping center will be destined to serve inhabitants of Kotovskogo residential district and will comprise supermarket (up to 50000 sqm), multi-hall movie theater, entertainment area with skating rink, kids’ amusement center and numerous stores. Shopping center’s location and concept will turn it into the main trade zone in the district, and high population density will provide it with the excellent everyday attendance.


  • Gross building area: 50 000 sq.m
  • Gross leasable area: 40 000 sq.m
  • Format: Community shopping mall
  • Storeys: 3
  • Parking: 700 spots
  • Delivery: Q4, 2013

FOR LEASE: Nikolsky Shopping and Entertainment Center

Kharkiv, Pushkinska str.

  • Gross building area: 105 000 sq.m
  • Gross leasable area: 52 000 sq.m
  • Format: Regional shopping mall
  • Storeys: 4
  • Parking: 700 spots
  • Delivery: August 2015